Founder's Thoughts

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P.Viswanatha Bhas

Change is constant. Instead of being afraid of change, we can always make the best of the situation and move forward on the path to success. While we at Siepmann’s Card Systems Pvt Ltd know that change is important, we do not believe in compromising our philosophy, on which this company stands. With the change in technology, our motto does not change.

Our endeavor is to be the company with a difference.

Our enthusiasm and endless quest for entrepreneurship has resulted in many firsts. We are immensely proud of presenting the first indigenously manufactured MIFARE contact less Smart Card and are very satisfied of the increasing popularity that this product has been receiving from our clients.

We are also glad to inform you that these cards have passed the highest tests for standardization and quality by Arsenal Testhouse Gmbh of Austria. We are now confident of offering ‘World Class' products in the Smart Cards. Our current production facilities offer and contact less cards, tokens, tags and certificates in all categories.

At the beginning of our functioning, during the early 1970s, we were faced with a question, which every entrepreneur had to answer. The first plastic card, indigenously manufactured in India, had left our manufacturing plant and India still remained very much unaware of the new product. With no orders forthcoming, the future seemed bleak, as the nation had not even started to awaken to plastic cards. Instead of losing heart, we decided to plunge whole-heartedly into this new arena and began educating the Indian market of the use for the plastic card.

The journey has been long and tough, but at the end of this we have a satisfied clientele to show along with a huge vault of field experience.

Our policy over the years has been generally targeting the improvement of services to our clients. We have taken a very personalized approach to customer needs right from the time we approach them. We painstakingly target the understanding of clients' requirement better and forming a ‘customized' service logistic for their needs.

We also are always on the lookout for newer technologies that can be brought to India and offered indigenously, hence bringing modern technologies closer to Indian consumers. We also believe that we can also be more competitive and user friendly as we understand the local conditions and aspirations better.

Our branches in Delhi, and Kolkatta along with the Mumbai Head Office await your very valuable queries and look forward to being able to identify your requirement. We stand committed to the best in services and look forward to your continued feedback from time to time.

A word of Thanks has to be given to our associates, in this long journey, for their guidance who have supported us with very competitively priced smart card modules.

Our site has been designed with you in mind and we sincerely hope that you will find the contents informative and of use to you.

While ending, we have to reiterate our pledge to bring newer and better technologies to the shores of India so that these are available to the beck and call of the Indian market.

Looking forward to a long and mutually rewarding association with you

Sincerely yours,
P.Viswanatha Bhas