Chip Based


MIFARE Classic® 1KB card (MF1ICS50)
MIFARE Classic® 4KB card (MF1ICS70)
MIFARE Ultralight® card
MIFARE Ultralight® tokens
MIFARE Plus® cards
MIFARE® DESFire® EV1 2KB cards
MIFARE® DESFire® 4KB cards (MF3ICD40)
MIFARE® DESFire® EV1 4KB cards
MIFARE® DESFire® EVI 8KB cards
Smart MX cards

SLE…… cards
Myd Move tokens

Sony Felica RC885 card
Matrix of 3 x 8/ 3 x 7/ 2 x 5
Tokens / Key chains/ Certificates/ Watches


1. Automatic Fare Collection (AFC)/ Transportation application:
The electronic fare card system is gaining popularity as the preferred method of transit fare collection. It provides the benefits of having security of the value loaded onto the card along with smooth, speedy, secure transactions. Smart card technology is on its way to change the way the common man travels, and Siepmann’s is there to assist you to make it happen.
Toll applications are smart-card based which provides ease of transactions to the end user.

2. Security including identification and access based application:
When the need for security is of prime importance, smart cards add to maintain the same. Along with physical verification, it takes care of the other details that are more difficult to manipulate and also allowing and restricting access as desired. More and more private as well as public sectors including defence personnel are opting for this solution. It includes biometrics options apart from the regular contact/ contactless options. These solutions are being adopted in organizations as well as schools and colleges.

3. Banking and Financial Services Application:
The smart card technology can be used in day – to – day life by everybody. Making the transactions, in a way, “cash-free” to have ease in business dealings plus record maintenance for the corporate customer and ease and simplicity of transactions for the end – user.
Some areas of finances which have become popular to smart card technology usage are:
a. Electronic wallets: There is an untapped market for the electronic wallets in India.
b. Bank cards: The traditional Bank cards are on its path of revolution by using the smart card technology to make it multi-purpose and more sophisticated.
c. Petro/ fuel cards: With the elimination of cash transactions at filling stations apart from benefits of shorter payment terms as compared to credit cards, absence of rolling balance, customization of transactions according to grade of fuel and setting transaction limits, the fuel cards are gaining popularity as it ensures increased security.
d. Loyalty Programs: The retail sector is booming and an unique way to keep track of the customers buying patterns is through the loyalty programs that can be revolutionized through smart card technology.
e. Health cards
f. Insurance cards

4. Government and Public Projects Application: Smart cards are making way for E-passports as required by international standards. A whole lot of Public sector projects are also going the smart card way to keep track of inventory and reduce the errors and manipulations that can occur.